Friday, June 24, 2005

Take Charge of Your Life and Value Yourself

by Grace Chapman ©

My aim is to encourage each family to follow through on what they believe is best for them in relation to their family’s education. (Actually, that goes for all areas of one’s life.) Schools have been of great service but it’s time for them to move over and make space for families who want to take charge of their own lives. Once you begin home based learning,you will see just what a diverse range of home based learning styles there is. The key to your success is to value what you do and to respect those who differ.

We know that home based learning is like a bed of roses—sometimes you can smell the scent, see the beautiful form and feel the exquisite petals—sometimes the thorns can take you by surprise and are just too much to bear! With home based learning, people write about the good times because when they feel good, they feel like sharing. People don’t write about the bad times so much because when they’re feeling bad, they generally don’t feel like sharing so— if you are finding it tough sometimes, don’t be afraid to say so. I’ll publish the good and the bad because it’s all going to help someone somewhere, somehow. The feedback that I receive in personal letters reminds me how diverse are the interests and characters of our readers. (Please note: I never publish personal letters without permission.)