Saturday, September 24, 2005

Climate Change Health Impacts in Australia

I am rarely political in my homeschooling musings, however I am enthused by the actions of a new political web presence in Australia you may have heard of - Get Up! It may not be everyone's cup of tea and has certainly drawn criticism from some quarters, and I definitely don't agree with all the political commentary or the thrust of each campaign, nor will I into the future, but I like to keep up with postings on their blog

Prompted by a request to protest Preventative Detention, I checked the blog and found information on Climate Change Health Impacts in Australia. The blog pointed to the full report,, which I promptly printed on recycled paper to read later, and to a news article with quotes by Ian Lowe, a scientist and commentator I have great respect for.

As home educators, the future health of our children, and our nation, is of utmost importance. What's the point of educating and bringing up these kids with such dedicated care if we're not looking after the environment they will live in? Information, I'm told, is power. When we're informed we're able to make decisions that can protect ourselves and our children. There is so much happening that heralds doom and gloom I'm often tempted to turn my head and look the other way. Burying myself in busy work is one way I stop myself from feeling totally overwhelmed. However, this let's my children, and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren I may one day enjoy, down. I can't allow my fear and apathy to have such devastating effects on their future.

Home educators face discrimination and inequity every day, and most of us accept those disadvantages, as well as lower incomes, as the price we pay to enjoy the freedom to educate our children at home, protected from the haphazard and diffident school education system. We don't have a lot of time to pursue to interests beyond the home and local community. It doesn't surprise me, though, that home educators are often very politically active about issues that are dear to their hearts, and that most of these issues relate to building a better, sustainable and more caring world.

Basing life around the welfare and education of children naturally creates aware, sensitive and caring community members.

Take a look at Get Up! and join their mailing list, if it's something that you'd like to introduce into your homeschooling learning programs. Even if you don't agree with the politics, the topics raise interesting and important issues of national importance for discussion with your children, especially adolescents.

If you have a favourite blog that brings awareness about important issues we need to consider as parents and educators, please bring it to my attention by posting a comment below.

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