Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mud, dust and flies - Loveday April 2008

I've added a montage of photos I took using my mobile phone on the weekend.

Our lads are interested in off road 4WD competitions. A few years ago Thomas developed his www.offroadingsubarus.com site and forum when he bought his first car, a Subaru Brumby. Our place looks like a wreckers' yard, not at all what I imagined post homeschooling life would look like when the children were young! Robin and I support their interest, as we always have, that's what parenting is all about. :-)

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do a bit of bush camping with our campertrailer. Loveday 4x4 Adventures Park near Loxton, SA offers an excellent opportunity to learn how to get out of just about any difficulty you could run into while travelling around Australia. Roger and Thomas took us up last year after our trip to the Northern Territory where Robin and I chickened out of travelling on a few interesting tracks because we weren't confident with our vehicle or ability. We're confident now!

A working family farm as well as off road park, Loveday 4x4 Adventures Park allows camping along the beautiful River Murray - it's a serene place last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Dust, mud and flies are standard fare, as is a lot of fun pushing the car and the nerves to the limit!

We will be heading back there later in the year for the next competition event, which our lads hope to enter. If anyone is interested we'd love some company from homeschoolers - maybe fly the flag for home education in Australia on both entires!

© Beverley Paine 2008

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