Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Exploring Approaches to Homeschool Seminar and Curriculum Fair

Do you know about the Exploring Approaches to Homeschooling Seminar and Curriculum Fair? I'm helping to put together this exciting event for homeschooling families in South Australia with two active homeschooling mums. It's a huge undertaking, much bigger than we first envisaged.

There are going to be workshops where experienced home educators will talk about the different approaches to homeschooling - Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, Unschooling and Natural Learning, using a Steiner influence approach, Bible-based and Discipleship, Identity Directed homeschooling and more! There are so many different ways a family can approach education at home - and most can be tweaked to suit the individual needs of families or children. That's what I love most about homeschooling!

In addition to the workshop program we're organising two afternoon panel sessions - one to answer any questions that you missed asking during the morning sessions about the different approaches used by homeschooling families, and the second will look at educational legislative reform in South Australia and give the opportunity to ask any general questions about getting started or registering as a homeschooler.

But that's not all! We are organising a section with displays called 'Homeschooling At Our Place' - a peek into the lives of how families go about homeschooling. I'm sure this is going to demonstrate just how diverse homeschooling can be and will illustrate the morning workshops wonderfully!

If you thought all that was worth paying the $10 family entry ($12 for non-HEA members, as the event is organised by the SA branch of the Home Education Association which offers insurance cover) - we are also holding a Curriculum Fair!

With over a dozen educational and homeschool suppliers the Curriculum Fair has a huge array of resources, from educational games and toys to text and student books for every subject to suit all age groups. And if you are looking for a bargain, we've even planned a shared second-hand stall. So if you'd like to recycle your educational resources and books, why not bring them along and swap or sell them at the Currriculum Fair.

So, when is all this happening? You won't have to wait long!

Saturday, May 17th from 8.30 am to 5.30pm

at the DeafSA Centre, 262 South Terrace, Adelaide.

Please arrive early so we can start on time at 9.00 am!