Monday, June 23, 2008

South Australia Education and Children's Services Legislative Review

I just spent a couple of hours reading Discussion Paper 2 and answering the feedback form online. You can find the links to both here:

In a nutshell the government wants to combine the Education Act and Children's Services Act into the one Act.

On the surface the Discussion Paper says a lot of things that seem to make sense - who wouldn't want a streamlined, efficient Act that makes use of best practice and doesn't cost a fortune to implement and regulate? And why wouldn't we want to combine these two, often overlapping, areas of societal responsibility.

Because the discussion paper talks about regulation, licensing and registration of children's services and education, and home schooling is mentioned, then it's probably a good idea to take a look and if you feel inclined, pop in a reply or two on the feedback form.

Last time the government tried to merge the Acts submissions from home educators just about out-numbered all the others - not many parents or teachers took the time to make a submission and we were well represented at open meetings held around SA.

Having your say at this early stage of the review will send a message to those writing legislation that we're interested in the future of home education provision in South Australia.

© Beverley Paine 2008

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