Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Schools Foster 'Mob Mentality'

The latest article published on www.homeschoolaustralia.com is a thought provoking criticism by Christina KG of the way schools foster a 'mob mentality'. This article was prompted by the recent much publicized behavior of Year 12 events at a Melbourne private school have given rise to interesting comments from school principals regarding the prevalence of a ‘mob-mentality' found in many schools.

Christina writes, "Discussions about home-schooling and schooling provide the very food and sustenance we parents need for the support and further development of our individual home-schooling practices. As a young grandmother to be and a Master's Student, I cannot afford to skirt between the veils of naivety where and when there are children being victimised. As a past volunteer and employee at my daughter's ex - school I have experienced first-hand the stripping down of individuality for the sake of 'fitting in' to the mob. I have also seen emotional and physical bullying of young children (pre-entry) by School Services Officers and sadly some (only some) teachers employed by the education department..."

More than a mere criticism, Christina presents a couple of workable alternative pathways Australian schools can emulate which she found when overseas.

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