Friday, November 21, 2008

Converting Homeschooling to Natural Learning

For those new to the concept of learning naturally and wanting to know more, but feeling a little unsure about the transition, I asked the members of my Learning Naturally Yahoo group to share just one way in which we have converted a school-at-home practice or belief into a more relaxed learning naturally approach.

For example:

I remember the day I recognised that my motivation for asking my children to do 'book work' wasn't so that they would learn something (academic) but because I needed reassurance that they had, despite 'doing nothing' for a few weeks, had actually learned quite a bit. Instead of asking them to do bookwork to learn I started asking them to do bookwork to keep my paranoia about the effectiveness of homeschooling at bay. By doing a few pages of book work for a few days they could quickly and efficiently dispel my lack of confidence (until the next bout of doubt would hit).

My children didn't like doing bookwork for reasons that didn't make sense to them. Helping mum feel okay and reassured was, to them, a legitimate reason for doing something they really didn't want to do.

What did my children teach me? Life isn't about achieving goals that will one day lead to a better paid job: it is about building relationships and friendships and giving our time selflessly to others to help them feel okay too.

© Beverley Paine

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