Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Home Education Association: South Australian Group

Home Education is a legal alternative to school based education for children in South Australia.

Families interested in teaching their children at home are urged to obtain a copy of the Education Act and Children's Services Act and become familiar with the regulations that apply to school attendence. Information about applying for exemption from attendance at school can be found on the Department of Education and Children's Services.

There are several homeschooling support groups in South Australia and these offer companionship and support for parents and children, as well as educational opportunities, excursions, activities and camps. Home educators seek the best education possible for their children and make use of the whole community, learning from many sources and in many different environments, as well as the home.

HEASA is the South Australian chapter of the Home Education Association Inc. of Australia It is a friendly on-topic Yahoo group that discusses any aspect of home education in South Australia, plan activities and events that support and promote the option of homeschooling, as well as helping to build the Home Education Association of Australia.

To belong to this group you need to be a financial HEA member living in South Australia. Membership is by invitation only. Please email Beverley with your HEA membership number to receive an invitation join.

If you wish to share your experiences as a home educator or would like to make contact with other homeschooling families in your area please consider listing yourself as a contact person on the HEA Support groups and Contacts SA page.