Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Making Progress

Last week I asked myself 'what do I want from life' and came up with the usual answers but instead of feeling inspired by these as I usually do, only to find myself no further forward, I tore them up and asked again, 'what do I want from life'. This time the answers were based on who I am now, not on who I think I ought to be... I've been waiting for some magical transformation for years - for me and for my husband - and it simply wasn't happening. Worse, I was blaming myself and him for not making it happen.

I now have a direction and some goals to aim for that I feel absolutely certain we'll reach. Because they are based on who we are, not who we think we ought to be, or want to be. I am amazed at how much weight has been lifted, and how I can divert, like water of a duck's back, thoughts and actions that a week ago I would have allowed to add stress to my life.

My friend Sally, said "Let’s assume that the first step one needs to take before beginning any new journey is to know where you’re starting from. In relationship terms, this means fully accepting who you are and what your life situation is now. Be honest with yourself and, without wishing it were any different, just spend some time taking stock."