Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Home Education Article Published in 'School Days'

I was invited to write an article introducing home education in Schooldays magazine:

The blurb for the magazine says, "Schooldays magazine is for designed for school educators and parents who are interested in their children's education. Written by international specialists in their fields in education, the magazine is filled with a variety of quality editorial on topics such as child development, home education, personal development, learning difficulties, professional learning, school marketing, time management for families. Plus there's product and book reviews and fabulous giveaways. In future issues Schooldays will report on different school systems, learning styles, gifted and talented learning, interviews and there will be special features, profiles, special offers and much more. Take advantage and register for your free subscription now - they won't be free for long and be in the draw for one of the great giveaways!"

It can be found at