Saturday, June 05, 2010

Perth Home Education Conference July 3rd & 4th

Beverley and Robin Paine will be guest speakers at the annual Home Based Learners Network of WA Conference:

Prolific home ed writer and supporter since 1989, Beverley began home educating her children in 1986, but like many families this really started with the birth of her first child in 1981. It's almost 30 years later and Beverley is about to become a first-time grandmother – she now finds herself pondering the homeschooling implication of this amazing event!

Being a parent profoundly changed Beverley's views on education and parenting. She's moved from a `layering on' and `filling the pail' view of both to one that works with and honours the nature of each individual child. Her `educational' experience includes a four year voluntary stint working in an alternative classroom with children aged 5-13 years, during which time her confidence in home education grew exponentially!

She's not just passionate about homeschooling – she's also a keen gardener, landscaper, builder and writer. Her practical and logical approach to life informs her views on education and learning. At the Perth conference she'll talk passionately about what she believes are the essential learning and developmental experiences for children, and how families can build a curriculum around simply living in a way that naturally and largely effortlessly develops the skills and knowledge children need. She'll touch on learning to describe daily life in education-speak and why she thinks recording is invaluable for all types of home educating approaches.

Beverley's been a home education activist for 20 years and feels like she's `been there done that' many times over. Her session on `Getting Involved' will be a great opportunity to pick her brains, ask her opinions, get some tips, etc. She began promoting and supporting home education by producing South Australia's first homeschool newsletter, has organised a few conferences and seminars, run home ed TAFE workshops, as well as organised a few homeschool camps. She is currently a committee member and the Editor for the Home Education Association of Australia, and owns and runs Homeschool Australia, Always Learning Books and several yahoo support groups.

Another consuming passion is considering the role of motivation in our lives – particularly how to avoid doing what we don't want to for reasons that don't make sense to us. In a nutshell, how to deschool ourselves so that we can allow our children to learn efficiently and with the least amount of hassle.

Beverley and Robin will both be present at the conference – please introduce yourself (if you get the chance). Their three children are all now adults, living happy lives doing what they want and consider themselves active lifelong learners.