Friday, November 26, 2010

National Home Education Week 2010

Through the National Homeschool Network, Jenni Domansky organised a series of free online conferences from the 15th to the 19th of November, including facilitating several ‘park meets’ for home educating families across the country. Four of the online conferences were presented by veteran home educator and author, Beverley Paine,

The 2-3 hour presentations included a Powerpoint slide show with Beverley talking about her experiences and sharing her knowledge. They covered state by state legal requirements, socialisation, organisation and getting started, and learning styles. After each slide show participants were offered the opportunity to ask questions. The evening session on different approaches to home education was very popular and it is planned to hold more panel sessions of this kind next year.

More than 50 parents registered to attend, many new to the idea of home education. Many expressed appreciation at being able to attend the conference from the comfort of their own home, not needing to organise child-care or find car parking. Most found the conference room easy to use, especially the ability to log into the conference and leave at any time without disturbing other participants.

The series of conferences offered many attendees the reassurance they needed to feel confident to begin home educating next year: “It put my mind at ease knowing that I can do this too.” Others found the information presented gave them ‘starting points’ for further exploration of home education as an alternative, as well as valuable advice on pitfalls to avoid.

Attendees came up with an impressive list of future workshop and conference topics. Jenni would love to hear from experienced home educators willing to present workshop using the Network.
The National Homeschool Network is planning monthly workshops, beginning with Natural Learning in December and Choosing Curriculum in January.

Regular sessions currently held through the Network allowing parents and children from all parts of Australia to get together for social or support. To find out more visit