Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Gift for Baby

written by Jan Hunt, illustrations by Sunny Rosanbalm

Book Review by Beverley Paine

Written in both Spanish and English this charming story relates a toddler's curiosity about a special gift. "Is it a photo?" the infant muses, then is distracted by her love for her mother. As the day progresses the child's attention is caught by the colourfully wrapped gift but quickly finds something more compelling to think about.

This simple and engaging story reminds us of what is important in life. We are blessed with gifts everyday and don't realise it. Life and love don't come gift-wrapped - or do they?

This book would make a wonderful gift for parents about to give birth as well as for children of all ages.

Jan Hunt is the founder of the Natural Child Project, an organisation focused on promoting child-friendly parenting practices. Visit for "parenting and unschooling articles and advice by leading writers, information on child advocacy, recommended books, related resources, and teh Global Children's Art Gallery". Jan also offers counselling services.

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