Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Week's Worth of Reading - Many things home educational!

Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful home educating dads across Australia and beyond!
Today’s blog is simply an eclectic collection of links I’ve picked up over the past week – take your pick of and enjoy!  Thanks to all my friends who send these links my way… Every day I learn something new, revisit old lessons and grow some more! 
Teaching Empathy at Home and School – Can Schools Teach Empathy was the impetus for my last blog post and started me thinking about the benefits of home education yet again. So many benefits! 
Climb, Swing & Snuggle: Reading Readiness Involves the Whole Body discusses a subject I feel strongly about – allowing children plenty of time and space and encouragement to move. It is too easy for everyone to neglect this vital aspect of being alive!
Free Homeschooling Ideas, Activities and Resources : Inspiring ideas for creative home educating - free activities, resources, worksheets and information
Our Spring Nature Tables : more great ideas from Rhythm of the Home ezine, great for anyone interested in Montessori or Waldorf approaches to home education.
My friend Wendy has been busy blogging on different subjects:
Have a look at 7 year old Spiral’s Sing With Spiral blog! If you have a blog or know of any home educated children with blogs, let me know and I’ll add them to my Australian Homeschoolers Blogs page.
I enjoy dropping by at Parent at the Helm: Linda's articles are usually either reassuring or thought-provoking but always informative. This one is a favourite: Homeschooling Doesn’t TAKE Time, It MAKES Time
And I participated in an online conversation about how adults talk – or should talk – to girls and boys in relation to gender stereotyping provoked by Don’t Dumb Girls Down in the Sydney Morning Herald and my friend Jo’s excellent blog on how to talk to boys:
I am great fan of Ken Robinson, have been for a long time. It came as no surprise to me that he is a passionate advocate of personalised learning based on the way students (of any age!) learn: See also his TED talk.

Some of the ideas in this blog relate to home educating as well as school education: The Innovative Educator: Back to School Dos and Don’ts. Most of them we already know and do, but a gentle reminder now and then never hurts!
Everyone loves to read anything about home education written by someone who was home educated! Stories in the media such as I Was Homeschooled: What it Taught Me That a Classroom Never Could are a lot more reassuring and encouraging than anything written by their parents!  Thank you Kate Fridkis for this excellent article.
Another convert to home educating life! Why we switched to Home School. Adding this one to my International Blogs page – if you have any favourite blogs by overseas home educators email the urls to me and I’ll add them too.
Don’t forget to look into the annual Premier’s Reading Challenge – this link came up for the SA Challenge but there is one held in every state.
Geradine shared these links suitable for older home ed students looking at tertiary studies:
And while we’re on the subject of tertiary education, 5 reasons a college degree won’t help your business echoes my beliefs on the subject.  
Alternative Learning Centers is a group for anyone interested in alternative learning centers as a choice for those who want a choice of learning environments outside of traditional school options.
Eclectic Homeschooling is a new FaceBook page by Joanne, a Californian homeschooling mom.
Unschoolers' Arts Gallery is an online art gallery for unschooled youth of all ages from around the world – well worth a visit!
Some homeschoolers devise their own forms for recording elements of their home educating programs, others find the perfect ones online. This site has 823 (and counting!) forms…
Whoa! What a huge list of links and articles… and it is only half of what comes my way each week. There is so many excellent things to share with my home educating friends, which translates into the wonderful fact that the times really are a’changing! There are so many of us working hard to shift the education paradigm from school-centric to student-centric. Well done everyone!
All the best
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