Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Join the home education conversation!

I am having great conversations in my FB groups:
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If you are into home educated or interested, come join us!

Announcing Homeschool~Unschool~Australia! Magazine... a collection of my writing cobbled together every quarter from all the various places I blog, write, respond and generally splatter my views, opinions and insights about all things learning and home education.  

The annual national Australian Homeschool Network Homeschool CampFest was another brilliant success. This is the 4th campfest Robin and I have attended and even though we don't have children (ours are now adults) we feel right at home in this very comfortable, relaxed and friendly camp that celebrates families enjoying life as, well - families! Don't forget to get in early and book for next year's CampFest.

This year I made myself available for FREE personal consults - these were very popular and I aim to repeat them next year. CampFest is a brilliant opportunity for you to sit and chat with me about any aspect of home education or parenting. You can also chat to me live every Tuesday night (if I remember to log on!) in the AHN Chat Room. A bunch of us collect together and have a good natter about anything and everything! See the Australian Homeschool Network website for how to join.  

The HEA annual printed resource directory is out and about - email the HEA for a copy if you don't have one. This is the last directory I will have input into, but I continue to write articles for the association's quarterly magazine, Stepping Stones for Home Education. Look out for my articles on Geography this year! 

Robin and I had a lovely holiday - four weeks away from home - visiting our grandson and new granddaughter for over a week. It was hard coming home - 1650km is too far! 

Don't forget to check in on the websites every now and then, and if you want to get in touch, please join one of my Yahoo or Facebook online support groups.