Confused by all the Aussie Home Ed sites?

by Beverley Paine

Confused by all the Australian home education or homeschool sites and groups? I've listed a few that I regularly come across - if you know of any others PM me and I'll add them to this list.

Home Education Association is a non-profit member organisation (national) for home educators. Started in 2001 it operates by members to help families find out about home education. Produces newsletter, magazine, has a website, offers insurance cover to members who organise events and activities.

Australian Home Education Advisory Service is owned and operated by Glenda Jackson, an experienced home educating mum (with older kids), who is also a researcher. She provides advice and counselling to families, including preparing home education programs for children. 

Australian Homeschool Network is owned and run by Jenni Domanski, a home ed volunteer support person who organises excursions, camps and a secure online chat room for parents and children.

Homeschool Australia (me) is simply a website and a few online support groups (FB and Yahoo) where I share my insights and knowledge. Lots to read, happy to answer questions! Sometimes I attend camps and do talks... mostly I write.

AussieHomeschool is a community forum that started out as a buy/sell/swap and grew into an active support group. Mainly Christian, great resource for Charlotte Mason information.

Australian Homeschool Supplies is a business run by the home ed veterans, the Marretts. They supply mainly Australian curriculum materials to home educators and provide a testing service.

There are state and some regional home ed associations too - HBLN WA, HENCAST, SHEN, etc. Most are listed on the support/contacts page of the HEA site These offer local information and expertise, contacts with other local regional groups, etc. Some have newsletters. Most advertise local activities and events.

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