Friday, December 20, 2013

Bits and Pieces, Autumn 2012

Some days it feels like I live online... The amount of information and support for home educators is awe inspiring. I hope you enjoy these ‘bits & pieces’ I’ve collected over the past couple of months.
The KookaGumJoeys are three home schooled girls (Madeleine & Charlotte McKee-Wright and Jaye Heimlich) who won the FIRST LEGO League National tournament in December last year. They will now represent Australia at the Open European Championship in Germany, in June. They are trying to raise approximately $30,000 through donations and sponsorship to get them to Germany. They would be incredibly grateful to anyone who could offer them support of any kind. They are currently running a raffle with some amazing prizes (1st prize is a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Set worth $500). If you would like to purchase tickets or find out more please check out their website:
Life Media Channel: Wendy Priesnitz, publisher of Life Learning Magazine and Natural Child now has a YouTube channel. For over thirty years Wendy has worked to bring awareness into our lives about living and parenting softly, gently and sanely on the planet. Subscribe for updates.
Famous homeschoolers! If you know of any to add to our list, please email them to me.
Actress Mayin Bialik, regularly seen as Amy Farrah Fowler in TVs Big Bang Theory, is also a scientist and homeschooling mother. Source:
Earthwise Harmony is another great initiative by a home educating family with a focus on learning from the past, living a resilient present and creating an abundant future:
Education Unlimited: for inspiring and thought-provoking discussion of educational innovation, sharing resources and networking with those interested in alternative education.
Eleven year old homeschool kid exposes Monsanto:
Homeschool Ryan Gosling: I was somewhat amused by this collection of images that a couple of mums put together, paying homage to the ever-popular Ryan Gosling meme and homeschooling.
John Holt on How Children Learn is a talk John Holt presented to Swedish Teachers in Gothenberg, Sweden on March 22, 1982.
HEN Vic have DVDs of a a lecture John Holt gave during his visit to Melbourne in 1981. John speaks on a range of topics such as Schools vs Home Education, Socialisation and Time Management.