Go On, Give Unschooling a Go...

by Beverley Paine

Unschooling my kids unschooled me, the process of deschooling myself is ongoing.

We have nothing to lose by giving unschooling a go. If we don't like we can homeschool. If that doesn't work out for us or our children they can go to school.

We place a lot of emphasis on children not missing out on learning if they don't go to school for every year of their lives. Yet no one will argue with you that a year travelling around India, Asia or Europe with their family will harm a child's education. Okay, so that's an extreme example, but how about taking a year off school and doing an in-depth hands-on full time exploration of your local community, your region or state, or Australia? Dive right in and unschool your way from day to day, doing exactly what you would if you were touring around the world - getting to know and experience fully the places and people, not overseas, but right here. Imagine how much of the school curriculum you'd naturally cover.

It's a no brainer really. Living life fully in our communities not in little boxes behind school fences simply makes more sense.

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